(No Politic) 328 MCA Re-election

Shifu, who will win in the MCA election? I emailed you a few days ago. Have you read?

Hong (25-3-2010)

Recently my mood is very good. Tell you what, tomorrow I will make a prediction of MCA’s fate for this year using the three Chinese words: 家(Ka),诗(Tee)and 细 (Soi).

Master Ming Hwa 27-3-2010
Translated by: Ang ES (1/4/2010)

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(Gong Xi Fa Cai 2) Ms Saw: Lunar 9th Jan a bat had entered our house

This afternoon around 1 pm my grandma made a call to my mum’s office. Normally, my grandma seldom called to my mum’s office. When my mother lifted the phone she heard grandma’s anxious voice. Grandma said she heard some noises in the hall and rushed to investigate and found that a bat had entered our house.

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(Gong Xi Fa Cai 1) Couplets of Luck: The Lucky Number 9980

Master Shifu,

I notice that the couplet that Shifu wrote:

Smooth Weather Fertile Lands Fortune Golden Tiger
So Wishes Prosper Million Families

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(Prediction) Ang Eng Sew: Result Of MCA(Malaysia) EGM

The prediction is:

1. Toppling of Ong Tee Keat unsuccessful.

2. Dr. Chua Soi Lek regains his membership.

1.00 pm 10-10-2009

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Marvellous Prediction 9: Democratic Progressive Party Lost On The Most Rotten Date

On 03/02/08, fifty days ago, Master Ming Fah in his prediction article entitled 《The Date For Taiwanese Presidential Election (22/03/2008) Is A Very Disastrous Date》said, “It is very unfavorable for the candidates of the ruling party, signs of defeat had already emerged.”

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Master Ming Fah Predicted Wrongly, Altogether Attain SAMBODHI

On Jan 9th, Master Ming Fah divined: 《Predicting based on YiChing’s Eight Trigrams Divination, Damansara Chinese Primary School will be reopened before March 8th》

Very sorry! I was wrong! The school did not reopen by March 8th.

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Marvellous Prediction 3: Anwar Indeed Has No Chance To Contest In The General Election

Master Ming Hua wrote in his article《One Word To Predict World Event - Woman Wearing A Crown》 on 25/01/2008: “The word “An” (安Safe) is a big “Nu” (女Girl) under a treasure chest cover like a woman wearing a crown. Anwar is a dauntless man; you guess what his chance of contesting in the General Election is?”

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Marvellous Prediction 5: The Black Key + Rats Bringing Treasure

On Jan 12 2008, at that time the Composite Index broke through 1500 points, in my prediction 《Investment Forecast for the First Month of Lunar New Year》, I used the word “Po” (破Break) and accurately forecasted: “From Feb 7th to Mar 7th…To the investors it is going to be a long dragging battle. What you will be chewing is not the skin of bread loaf but the skin of stone.”

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Marvellous Prediction 2: The Easiest Prediction Of Taiwan’s Democratic Progressive Party’s Terrible Defeat

On 15/01/2008 (The eve of Taiwan’s Legislative election), I promptly wrote 《President Chen Shui-Bian’s D-Day》. I used the characters “Chen” (陈) and “Bian” (扁)from his name to predict.

Right on the Bull’s Eye (1): The opposition party Kumintang won more than two-thirds majority seats in the Legislative Council.

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Marvellous Prediction 1: Prediction of The Death of Ex-President Suharto.

On 06/01/2008, Master Min Hua in his 《Predicting World Event on One Word: Ex-President of Indonesia in Critical Condition predicted: Everyone has only one mouth. But the word “Ha” (哈)in Suharto’s translated Chinese name has two “Kou” (口Mouth/Breath) because the word “Ha” is made up of a big “Kou” (口mouth/Breath) on the left side and “Ren, Yi, Kou” (人Man, 一One, 口Mouth) stacks one on top of the other, on the right side. Hence he will be able to pull through to-day………………But after the two “breathes”, it is afraid that he would not survive, cannot pull through!

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Marvellous Forecast 4: All Predicted Correctly That General Election On Mar 8th

On Jan 9th, Master Ming Hua’s prediction said 《According to YiChing, it is reconfirmed the prediction that Damansara Chinese Primary School will reopen before Mar 8th》, the title clearly indicated the date Mar 8th.

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