(Gong Xi Fa Cai 4) Amiability Begets Riches

On Lunar Jan 9th, fellow sister Ms. Saw told me a stray dog suddenly came into her house, and wanted me to predict its significance.

Master Ming Hwa divines:

According to old saying, stray dogs bring wealth. But I believe more that because the members of this family are very amiable, even animals can sense it and feel very comfortable and so the wandering dog has chosen your house. This is really “Amiability Begets Riches”.


Translated by Ang ES (07-03-2010)

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1991 20Sen Coin, Whose Money Is It?

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Stock Market: Only Monkeys Everywhere

Current Share Market: Monkeys Jumping Up And Down All Over The Streets

At 4.46 pm to-day (6/03/2008), the Malaysian Composite Index hits 1298.12 points, up a hefty 17.89 points. A few market players who were badly burnt recently made urgent calls to me for guidance. Some said tomorrow would be the last trading day before the General Election on March 8th. They were hoping that market would shoot up after the election and they could recoup their heavy losses earlier.

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Happy Chinese New Year for ASB and ASB-LA

From: Ang
Date: Sun, 10 Feb 2008 21:49:49 -0800

Master Sifu,
Happy Chinese New Year!!!!
Market is very quiet. I ate dinosaur egg this morning.
Only bright spark is there seems to be some movement with the stock ASB and ASB-LA… Each improves by 1/2 sen to 20 sen and 8 sen. What is your prediction for ASB and ASB-LA? When shall we sell?

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Having just participated in Diamond Qi Kung Resort Berhad’s recently organised Rainforest Retreat held at the Kota Tinggi Rainforest Resort from 14-16 Dec., 07 “ART OF THOUSAND HANDS THOUSAND EYES” Qi Gong Meditation and as a debutant participating for the first time in a meditation class of any sort, I do not know what to expect from it other than hearing from some friends that Meditation is good for relaxing the mind and healing the body holistically while others talked about blissfulness and astral travelling to other dimensions of “paradise". I will share with you here my experience through the short sojourn of just 15 minutes that I entered into this “ART” of meditation.

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Date/Time: November 18 2007/ Afternoon
Venue: Grace Dieu Holiday Bungalow, Penang Hill, Penang

During our first ever Diamond Qikung retreat up in Penang Hill, I did a demonstration on the subject of “Thousand Hands, Thousand Eyes” for the benefit of our friends in Penang.

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You can also be a saviour in life

There is a learnard teacher who consulted me several times in a span of few years. Each time he was facing heart tearing excruciating problem. Once, he called me from a seaside to bid me farewell minutes before he contemplated suicide.

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