(Dream 65) Mum Was Angry by Lim Kwee Cheng

Out of sudden I dreamt of my mum who talked to me in an angry tone, “Don’t think that he is great and no one can control him. Submit to me his name.” At that moment, the image of my second elder brother surfaced up in my mind. I took up a brush and wrote his name (Lin Chuo Hai) on a piece of red paper. But actually I did not write. I just thought of doing it. Then I grumbled to myself that the actual person who did wrong was my younger brother and not my second elder brother. Soon later I woke up. I wondered in my mind, oh, why didn’t I use a ball point pen then?

Recently I had been making many dreams on and off but clean forgot all of them when I woke up but I could feel that some of them were very unpleasant. Shifu, I heard that those unremembered dreams would slowly come true in our life. Is it true?

With greatest respect,

Lim Kwee Cheng (29-5-2011)
Translated by Ang ES (22-06-11)

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(Dream 64) Water Produces Wood by Red Bean

My mum had a dream. In the dream Master Shifu told her: “Your little son’s liver is very dry.” Then she woke up.

My mum was very worried as my younger brother is my mum’s darling. Moreover, my dad died because of liver cancer.

My elder brother is a person of low IQ as a result of suffering from an illness when he was young. Because of that my mum was eager to bear another son to carry on the ancestral line but instead she gave birth to five daughters in a row. Finally she got a son after so many trials. Of course she had hoped that this son would be safe and healthy for his whole life.

Red Bean (19-5-2011)

(Master Ming Hwa Interprets):Water Produces Wood

Every kid is always the darling of their parents. To bear a child means going through ten months of suffering, eighteen years of nurturing and fifty to sixty years of concern. This dream reveals the boundless love of parents for their children.

Because your mother practices qigong and cultivation, she can sense your brother’s physical condition. Look like your brother should go for a physical check up.

According to the fundamental principles of Chinese medicine which are closely related to the “subdue or produce” effect of the five elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, water) on each other, water “produces” wood and liver is “wood”. Hence “water” is good for a dry liver.

I suggest:
1. Eat more green vegetables and fruits, organic radish and its green leaves.

2. Take the traditional Chinese medicine known as “Liu Wei Di Huang Wan” (六味地黄丸) for seven days.

3. Encourage the whole family to do more exercises especially qigong and Tai Chi.

Master Shifu Ming Hwa.

Translated by Ang ES (09-06-2011)

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(Dream 23) Forgotten That Sentence by Kwee Cheng

Today, I did not need to go to work. So I had a nap in the afternoon. But I am a person who cannot have afternoon nap because every time I do, I would experience some “things” pressing on me. But sleep wanted to date me so I obliged. As I expected, half way in my sleep, I experienced the usual pressure. Of course I put up some struggle. Then, Shifu appeared and told me something. But I could not remember in full what told me. I only remember Shifu pressed and massaged my hands and said (seemed to be something like this). “You must pray to Guan Yin Bodhisattva and Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva (地藏王菩萨,Di Zang Wang Pu Sa).” After that, I continued to sleep for awhile before waking up.

Kwee Cheng (6.10.10)

Master Ming Hwa Explains: Don’t Forget That Sentence

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(Dream 22) Master Shifu and Cat Fish by Kwee Cheng

On the very early morning of 19.9.10, I suddenly woke up and felt very uncomfortable and restless. It was like as though many people want to talk to me. An impulse wanted me to go to the hall but I dared not because I was afraid. Later I had another feeling that wanted me to get back to sleep quickly as someone wanted to go into my dream. I tossed around and finally went back to sleep and started dreaming.

I saw a tall elderly man with a head of loose grayish white hair and two thick moustaches dressed in a white robe and I also saw a fish swimming leisurely in the water. Then a few shixiongs and shijies anxiously pestered me to go over to him. I dared not because everyone said that he was very fierce and so I pushed them off with the excuse that I was busy at that time and I would go over to him later. But before long, the shixiongs and shijies again wanted anxiously for me to go over to him as he was going back. So I buckled up and went to him (actually, I did not really know why I wanted to see him for. I only felt that there was something that I needed his help.) When I saw the old man, Shifu was talking to him. Looking at their actions and expressions from a distance, it was like Shifu was putting some good words for me and requesting the old man not to be angry with me. When I nervously walked over to him, he turned around and told me without any sign of harshness, “If you want your father-in-law to get well fast, go and catch a few catfish for him to eat. He would be cured.” Then I woke up.

But I dared not tell my grand father-in-law and mother-in-law about the dream. I was afraid that they would really go and catch and eat the catfish as I have already vowed not to kill any life anymore. I told Shifu about my dream. He wanted me to write it down before explaining its full significance to me. Here, I would like to thank Shifu in advance first.

Kwee Cheng (20.9.10)
Translated by: Ang ES (24-10-10)

Master Ming Hwa Explains: The Merits of Releasing Catfish

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(Dream 21) Many Demons Beat Me by Kwee Cheng

The day before, I again made a dream.

In my dream, there was a family holding a religious rite (something likes that). The place was bustling with people. But there were still many demons around to disturb the ceremony. I was even pressed down onto the floor and beaten by them. I felt very frightened. Then I saw shijie Siew Gean who was praying. I called to her to save me but she made no move. She just continued to concentrate on her pious praying. Then I told myself not to be afraid, just be calm, be calm. So I started slowly to chant some sutras. Strangely, when my chanting became smoother and smoother, those trouble making demons ran away into all directions. Unexplainably, although I chanted loudly, I could not hear any sound of what I was chanting.

Kwee Cheng (10.9.2010)

Master Ming Hwa Explains: Ways of Driving Away the Demons

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(Dream 20)Dream of Gold by Kwee Cheng

Recently I kept making dreams of “gold bars” (stoles). Few days ago, I dreamt that I was in a toilet wanting to ease myself. But I saw a few “gold bars” (stools) on top of some planks (it was an old style toilet bowl, the one that need manual disposal). So I thought of cleaning them off first before doing my business. So my hand naturally tried to pull the flushing handle. Heh, what a strange combination indeed, an old style toilet bowl with a flushing system of a modern toilet bowl! But before I could pull the handle, I heard my mother shouted in Hokkien dialect from outside, “Ah Cheng, never ever use that toilet!” But it was too late. When I pulled the handle lightly, there was no water (but it also seemed there was a little water) flew out, but the whole toilet was like being electrified. I thought in my mind, it was like a bomb about to explode. So I quickly ran out. Then I woke up from the dream.

Shifu, is there any meaning in this dream?

Lim Kwee Cheng (9.9.2010)

Master Ming Hwa Explains the Dream: Unpleasant Words

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(Dream 18) I Srike Lottery Lah! by Kwee Cheng

I was very happy after I finished writing the article on the “Large Butterfly”. I had a four digit number in mind which I had not bet on for a long time. My feeling told me I must go and buy then. So I bought the number for three draws. I recalled that I was extremely happy during the night when we paid respect to the “good brethrens”- the hungry ghosts. The whole family chanted sutras and held a small ritual for expiating the sins of the hungry ghosts. Thinking that after that night, many of these “good brethrens” would go to the Western Paradise of Ultimate Bliss, and did not have to stay as lonely hungry ghosts anymore, I could not stop myself from feeling a bit excited. The next morning when I read the newspaper, ho ho, I struck lottery lah!

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(Dream 17) Fighting With A Spirit Ghost by Marker Koh

Yesterday I dream I was fighting with a spirit ghost; I went to a warehouse, it was very dirty and messy, suddenly without my thought an unseen “Qi” pull me in, on reverse I caught onto it with my left and start to fight it back. Using my left hand to catch onto it and using my right hand to point to like “sword- hand” keeping to point at the unseen spirit and call out name of “张公圣君”. It kept on struggle and try to get away from me and out the warehouse and disappear.

Follow I went back to the warehouse find a place to sleep, suddenly a very soft soothing arms from behind hug me, I tried to back throw off but it was just very sticky and I had to do it by pulling it down with my left hand. Using my left hand press it on the ground, using my right hand with a sign of two fingers like “法主” keep point at it. It tried to run away from me and I continue to hold it on the ground. Follow my mouth keep numbering “Om Mani Padme Hum” and it soften till disappear away. I woke up and my hand still holding that sign on my chest.


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(Dream 16) Talking of Talk and No Talk by Goo Poh Tin

One night, I made a dream. I dreamed that Shifu placed both his hands on my shoulder and say, “You talk too much today.” I thought over and felt that I did not even speak a single word. Then why did Shifu say like that to me?

Goo Poh Tin (29-7-2010)

Master Ming Hwa’s Interpretation of The Dream:

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(Dream 15) Winnie’s Sixth Dream: Black Bamboo Groove and the Morning Dews

One morning two to three weeks ago, I went for a stroll around the garden nearby my home. I arrived at a courtyard which was planted with two rows of bamboo plants. I enjoyed myself sitting on a swing in the courtyard. Suddenly I felt my Qi wanted me to walk to the bamboo plants and shake them. On shaking, the morning dews from the bamboo plants drop on to my body. The dews are so cool and refreshing. Shifu, please interpret the significance of my dream!?

Winnie (24/7/2010)

Master Ming Hwa’s Interpretation: Welcome to the Black Bamboo Groove!

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(Dream 14) Winnie’s Fifth Dream: Sponge Cake and Puppy Will Bring Luck

I dreamed of many dogs, big ones and small ones, gathered in front of my mother’s home. When I saw that the puppies had nothing to eat, I brought them into the house. The bigger dogs wanted to follow into the house but I blocked them from entering. Then I brought the puppies some rice but there was insufficient rice. Coincidently, the temple nearby was holding some celebration and there were a lot of fruits and sponge cakes offered by the believers for praying around. So I went to the temple to collect some sponge cakes for the puppies. While I was choosing the sponge cakes, I was awakened by my daughter.

Winnie (26/7/2010)

Master Ming Hwa’s Interpretation of The Dream:

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(Dream 13) Winnie’s Fourth Dream: Inside and Outside The Car

I dreamed that my second elder brother and his family were going to some place. He was driving and I was sitting right behind him. I was emitting Qi to him. Just awhile, I woke up from my dream.

Winnie 24/7/2010

Master Ming Hwa’s Interpretation of the Dream:

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(Dream 12) Master Shifu’s Prediction of My 2nd Dream by Winnie

Shifu in his explanation of my second dream (see Dream 10 put up on www.mydiamondsutra.net web earlier) predicted that “My second brother’s children will encounter troubles”. Shifu’s prediction has come true.

(Dream 10)Winnie Dreamed of Shifu 2– Driving Away Evil Spirits

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(Dream 11) Winnie Dreamed Of Shifu 3- Escape disaster and reap good fortunes

I dreamed of a mountain. There was a building half way up the mountain. A few tens of families including my mother and second brother stayed in the building. I stayed at the foot of the mountain. From my hall I could see the building clearly.
One day while I was looking at the building, suddenly I saw a man jumped off the building and then the building exploded.

I was very anxious and worried as my mother and second brother were in the building at that time. I quickly made calls to all the other family members and all of them rushed and assembled at my house to discuss the situation of my mother and second brother. They said that since no one can go up the mountain to rescue the people, the chance of survival of my mother and second brother was very slim. We were all very sad and did not know what to do.

But after some time, we were surprised and delighted to see my mother and second brother walked down safely to my house. My mother said, “The building has collapsed but luckily we managed to salvage the money and the jewelry and kept them safe.”

Suddenly I saw Shifu walked past my house to go down the mountain. I quickly chased after him wanting to ask him some questions. Shifu just smilingly told me to buy my second brother’s handphone number.


Master Ming Hwa Explains the Dream:

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(Dream 10)Winnie Dreamed of Shifu 2– Driving Away Evil Spirits

I dreamed of following Shifu to my second brother’s house to handle some matter. I was very surprised when I saw my second brother and sister-in-law holding incense in their hands because they had been converted to Christians a few months ago. So how come they still held incense? Later I followed Shifu and some fellow brothers and sisters to the hostel of a factory to drive away the evil spirits.


Master Ming Hwa’s Explanation of The Dream:

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(Dream 9) Winnie Dreamed of Shifu 1- Gautama Buddha’s Yulan Magnolia Flower

I dreamed that I followed Shifu to a temple to attend to some matter. The place was in a shop lot. While Shifu was attending to his matter, I took a cloth to wipe the altar. But I did not know what happened that I tore the red paper behind the statue of the Deity.
Suddenly we heard a commotion outside the shop and so we rushed out to find out what happened. We saw a bus carried a group of madams. Each of them was carrying her mascot. They then placed them on the table in front of the shop and knelt down facing the shop and prayed for blessings.

Shifu and I were very curious so we walked closer to have a look. As we entered the shop, we saw a statue of Gautama Buddha. Under the foot of Gautama Buddha was a tree. The tree was bare except for a few flowers blooming on the tree.

Shifu called me, “Winnie, come and have a look. The flowers are real, not fake!” Then Shifu called me have a sniff of the fragrance of the flowers. It was so fragrant! I guessed the flower must be Yulan Magnolia! After that Shifu wanted me to get the camera in the car to take pictures of the plant.


Master Ming Hwa Explains the Dream:

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Ipoh Nightmare‏ by San Kin Hong

From: KHSan
Sent: 09 June 2010
To: Sifu (master.sifu@hotmail.com)

Dear Sifu,

Would you please help interpret this dream/nightmare I had when staying at a hotel in Ipoh last Saturday.

My right-leg was chained and someone was pulling me into a pit. I had a hack-saw and started to saw the chain, all this time being pulled into the pit. I was shouting but the pulling kept on .Then the dream stopped when my wife patted me on the shoulder but I did not wake up.

She told me the next morning that I was speaking a strange language she had never heard before and that my leg was moving and jerking. She was worried and luckily gave me a pat, would not like to have gone into that pit!

I look to your great wisdom and vast experience to explain the meaning of this dream and seek your good advice on what to do.

Many thanks.

Best regards
San Kin Hong

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(Dream 7) Last Night I Dreamt Being Chased by A Tiger – Kwee Cheng

Master Shifu, how are you?

Happy Chinese New Year!

To-day I want to tell you about a dream I made last night. It went like this:
I, my younger brother and some other people were in a jungle. Suddenly a very big tiger with black and white stripes appeared in front of me. It looked tame. But in my subconscious mind, tiger is a very fierce animal. So, I ran. The tiger showed his true nature and pursued me. I kept running and looking back. Although I did not see the tiger chasing me (really strange), but I just kept running non-stop. Then did not know when, I found I was holding a rope in my hand. I stopped running at once. The rope was tied to a dog, or was it a child? Because of my sudden halt, the momentum threw the object tied to the rope into the bush in front. Despicably, I felt lucky that it was not I who was thrown into the bush. I worked up in fright.

After I woke up, I found my waist ached like hell. I also felt very guilty of fostering such a selfish thought in my dream.

Master Shifu, is the dream trying to convey to me some messages? I still feel very uneasy in my mind over the dream…………

Thank you, Master Shifu.


With Respect,
Lim Kwee Cheng (27-2-2010)

Master Ming Hwa explains:

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(Gong Xi Fa Cai 3) Dream Divination:Learn the Mantra Of Overwhelming Fortune

Last night I had a nightmare. Maybe to other people it was a very common thing but to me, one who has a phobia for frog, oh, I was scared to death!

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198808808 - Dream Comes True?

On 26th Jan 2008 (yesterday), a senior disciple who is managing our website set up a section for interpretation of dreams. Early this morning he immediately received a dream for interpretation….

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