On November 14, 2007. I was kind of shocked to receive a phone call from Mr. Woo (we are not using his real name to protect his identity and privacy). Mr. Woo had very rarely called me in the past. He wanted to know when I came to Johor from my vacation. He sounded pretty depressed and worried on the phone as his son was having some problems. I advised him to remain calm. As soon as I was back in town, I made an appointment to see him.

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Irrational Relationship

A Singapore girl came to me with her palm print, her father was extremely worried and asked “What happened? Is there a cure for her?”

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The “Yong Chun” Martial Art Expert – An Amputee?

It was in October of 1989 when one Guzhen music teacher brought one young man to see me; the young man who was an expert in “Yong Chun” martial art was in fact the younger brother of his girl friend.

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The Fate of a Spice Doll

23RD SEPT 1989
After a shower in the hot afternoon, a disciple of mine from Sarawak who was a temple medium brought a beautiful spice girl to see me concerning her emotional problems. I said OK, let me see, I closed my eyes to visualize.

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