(Gong Xi Fa Cai 7) Feng Shui: The Flag of Hero Zheng Cheng Gong(郑成功)

Fellow brother Puat Kuay (郑拔快) is an experienced remisier in share broking business with good service attitude. Not long ago, he set up a new office. I missed his new office opening and did not send him a present in time. On the so-called Man’s Birthday, the 7th day of Lunar January, he even specially offered two tables in my favorite chef Mr. Hong’s restaurant to celebrate for all. I, Master Ming Fah had nothing but to present him a red scroll with a phrase using his surname “Zheng 郑” to boost his morale. People praise the ancient hero Chu Ba Wang (楚霸王):his strength could move a mountain and his power prevailed over generations! Allow me again to use the brilliance of the national hero of the Ming Dynasty, Zheng Cheng Gong to congratulate and wish fellow brother Puat Kuay well.

Mountain Mover Hero Fortune Golden Tiger
(拔山英雄福金虎Ba Shan Ying Xiong Fu Jin Hu)

Delightful Success Man Originally Surnamed Zheng
(快意成功本姓郑Kuai Yi Cheng Gong Ben Xing Zheng)

If you want to get rich, learn from our fellow brother, his acuteness and outstanding drive. Hope that fellow brother will hang up the scroll in a lucky Feng Shui position and wish all his investors make money in all their deals.

With regards from Master Ming Fah (20-2-2010, Lunar Jan 7Th)

Translated by Ang ES (07-03-2010)

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