(Gong Xi Fa Cai 5) Word Prediction : “Wang Wang” Luck from the Dog

Fellow sister use the word “狗” (read as Gou meaning Dog) to predict her money luck for the coming year.

The word “狗” is composed from the word “犬” (read as Quan meaning Dog) and “句” (read as Ju meaning sentence or words). In simple modern Mandarin, it simply means “What the dog says”. What words can a dog speak? Of course it is “Wang! Wang! Wang!” (“Wang” in Chinese is “旺” meaning “Prosperous/flourishing;in Bahasa is “Money!Money!Money!)


Translated by Ang ES (07-03-2010)

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(Word Prediction) Speaking Bitingly Carries Great Sin

In early 2009, one day I woke from my dream. Suddenly I thought of “knowing” the fortune of two things in 2009. So I use the word “知” (read as ZHI meaning know) to predict the first thing.

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(Word Prediction) Miss, Are You Asking for Your Luck in Romance?

In early 2009, a very pretty lady happily told me that she had got herself a new name and talked about the relationship between a name and the person’s life. Her view is extraordinary and interesting. Finally, she wanted me to use the word “女正”(read as NU meaning girl or proper/strong/virtue girl) to predict her fortune.

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(Word Prediction) Worked Out Teacher Planting Land of Good Fortune

In December 2009 a teacher complained that he worked day and night for his life, other than getting a whole head of white hair, he achieved nothing. He told me without any strength left, “Shifu, I am very tired. Even in my dreams, I felt I was so tired that I could not move. Soon, I am going to set up an orphanage. Please use the word “累”(Read LEI meaning tired) to predict my days to come.”

Master Ming Hwa predicts:

The top part of the word “累” is “田”(read TIAN meaning farmland) and the bottom part is “丝”(read as SI meaning silk). There is farm and clothing, the so called essentials of life. I believe very soon you are going to add new farm land and buy new clothing and enjoy an easy life. Your hard work is the source of your success. To build an orphanage or perform charity works are all voluntary deeds. They are meritorious and for accumulating merits for the ancestors and the descendants.

My dear worked-out teacher, I would like to express my outmost respect and gratitude to you here.


Translated by: Ang ES (04-02-2010)

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(Word Prediction) Today is the Day for Promotion & Pay Rise

During the financial tsunami in 2009, a high level person in the financial cycle from Tokyo Japan used the web Skype to seek my guidance. He said many of his colleagues lost their jobs and his boss in Europe wished to transfer him. He requested me to use the word “英” (read as YING, meaning hero or England) to predict his future in his profession.

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(Word Prediction) Tiger in Level Land May Be Bullied By a Dog. Dear Brother, Your Plan Would Not Work

In April 2007, a fellow brother from Singapore who was born in the year of tiger met with misfortune for many years and had the intention of going to Indonesia to start afresh. Before departing he requested me to predict his fortune using the word “英” (read as YING meaning hero, brilliance).

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(Word Prediction) Listen to the Doctor, Remove the Tumour

A pretty twenty year old girl from Penang has a tumour on her neck. She anxiously asked me whether she should take the doctor’s advice to remove the tumour. Her good friend accompanying her to see me said her friend was on the verge of collapsing. So they requested me to make a prediction using the word “倒”(read as DAO meaning collapse).

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(Word Prediction) Benevolence Hall’s “A Piece Of Farmland”

The caretaker of a Benevolence Hall in Johore asked in Dec 2009:
The hall started as a very tiny temple. When more and more believers frequented the temple, it was shifted to the present venue, a double storey shop house. As the number of people came to pray increased, the authority reminded me that I should move. A disciple donated a piece of land and we had submitted all the necessary applications. But despite all the effort put in for the past many years we still have not received the approval documents. Everyone is very anxious. He used the word “福”(read as FU, meaning fortune) to request me to predict.

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(Word Analysis) Hui Shi Learning Word Analysis: The Cow Beside The Temple

Shixiong Hong in his article “MCA Maintains Status Quo” predicted the outcome of the MCA Extraordinary General Meeting to be:
1. Toppling Ong Tee Keat (MCA Chairman) unsuccessful
2. Dr. Chua Soi Lek (MCA Deputy Chairman) membership/position restored.

Shixiong Hong asked for my opinion that day. I did not give him any. He pressed on earnestly. I eventually agreed to make one small prediction when I was free to do so.

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(Heaven & Earth Turning Around In Malaysia 1):Filthy Hand – Perak Bn

This Chinese New Year is the year of the “Ox”. The most popular Chinese greeting message must have been “扭转 (niu zhuan – turning around / reversing) 乾坤 (qian kun – heaven & earth / universe)” or “牛转 (niu zhuan - ox turning)乾坤 ( qian kun – heaven & earth). During a Chinese New Year celebration feast, tens of shixiongs took the opportunity to ask me to predict this year’s fortune of Malaysia based on the above phrase.

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〈Financial Tsunami 2〉Share Market : Everyone Is Hooked

On Oct 10th 2008 Malaysian Stock Market slides to 934 points. Shixiong Ang sent me an email asking whether the market has hit the bottom. Another senior requested me to use the word “disturbed”(乱) to predict the market,

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“Special Meeting” UMNO Vice President Muhhydin – Another Sword

On Sep 26th, 2008 Malaysia UMNO supreme council called for a special meeting. An elder friend from Muar requested me to use the word “別” from the phrase “特別会议 (special meeting)” to predict vice-president Muhhydin’s fortune.

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UMNO Deputy President Najib’s Chances: Everyone Says He Got The Goat

Malaysia UMNO Supreme Council held a special meeting on 26th Sep 2008. A senior friend requested me to use the word “議 (meeting)” from the phrase “特別会議 (special meeting)” to predict Najib’s chances of becoming the next president.

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Tengku Razaleigh Has Intention To Contest Umno Presidency : Man On Cloud Nine

The Malaysia UMNO Supreme Council held a special meeting on 26th Sep 2008. A senior friend requested me to use the word “会(meeting)” from the phrase “特别会議 (special meeting)” to predict the fortune path of the UMNO senior member, Tengklu Razaleigh’s in his pursuit of the UMNO presidency.

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《Bitter Gourd Soup》 Prime Minister Abdullah: One Square Inch Ground

On Sept 26th 2008, the Supreme Council of UMNO Malaysia called a special meeting to discuss the presidential power transfer plan. Prime Minister Abdullah declared, “I will announce my decision whether to defend my presidential seat or no before the party’s divisional election on Oct. 9th”.

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A few weeks ago, a Malaysian Minister felt that the opposition leader, Anwar’s morality is questionable and hence not suitable to be the next prime minister.

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Taiwan Democratic Progressive Party Is The Most Rotten Kid In The Eyes Of All Opposition Parties In The World

One Shijie from Taiwan made a long distant call to request me to predict, basing on the word “Zhu” (朱Red), the chances of DPP in to-day’s Taiwan’s presidential election. She chose the word “Zhu” because it means red and traditional indicates auspicious outcome.

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Prediction of share market

From: Lee TY
Sent: 10 March 2008 11:34:2 6

Dear Shifu,

I’m a friend of Eric would like to ask your help to predict the share market for next week

I would like to use this 4 digit “8888″ for your prediction.

Pls reply ASAP.

Best regards,
Lee TY

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Exclusive On Spot Prediction: To-Day’s (11/03/08) Market Trend - Tsunami Has Arrived

Ci Movement Today
From: Imanust

Sent:11 March 2008 01:36:43
To: master.sifu@hotmail.com

Shifu, good morning. The Ci index now is 1201, up 28 points. Should I cut loss or hold on??

9.45 am. Master Ming Fah uses the figure “1” in “1166” to predict to-day’s market movement.

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market trading Stopped. 1st time in malaysian history
From: T1166
Sent: 10 March 2008 07:14:35
To: master.sifu@hotmail.com

what is the next step when our market stopped trading for 1 hour. Will open in another hour that is at 3.58pm. Market index stopped at 1166.32 being 10% from last trading. Sifu, we need your prediction before 3.58pm. which way will the index go.

Thank you Sifu

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The Money Tree in Winter – SP Setia

From: Eric
Sent: 22 February 2008 08:26:20
I request shifu to predict the performance of these two companies.

2. SP Setia [Sat (实) or Firm and Tatt (达) as in wind fall]
I would like to use the word Sat (实) or Firm.

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Gamuda (1): Remisier Is Your God Of Wealth

From: Eric
Sent: 22 February 2008 08:26:20
To: Ming Fah Master Shifu
Dear Shifu,

First of all, Thank you.

I request shifu to predict the performance of these two companies.

1. Gamuda (金务大Gin or Gold, Mo as in Task, and Ta or Big)
I would like to use the word MU (务) or Task.

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Badminton Doubles Pair Each Goes His Own Way

In every corner of Malaysia there are faithful badminton fans. The hot topic this year is whether our diamond doubles pair, Koo Kian Keat and Tan Boon Heong will be able to bring back the gold medal from the Olympic Games. A few fans, after the pair’s failure in the 2008 Malaysian Badminton Opens, sadly requested me to use the word “Lu” (路Road) from the phrase “Chong Xin Shang Lu” (重新上路Once Again On The Road) to predict their chances.

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New Governor of Penang State?

From: Ang
Sent: 12 February 2008 05:32:45

Master Sifu,
Thank You very much for your guidance.
Sifu, of the three Gerakan candidates mentioned in Sin Chew, who will succeed to become the next Governor of Penang?

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Chances of Malaysian Opposition Party

13/01/2008. A gentleman came to me to inquire about his fortune. He said, while he kept pounding his chest, that he almost strike the first prize of this Magnum 4-D draw, just saw a big fortune simply fly away. Suddenly he saw the news of general election in the paper, he angrily exclaimed, “The chances of opposition party candidate winning is like striking lottery, what is the difference?”

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UMNO Takes Step By Step Measure

A gentleman who was recently promoted and transferred to Alor Setar had the problem of deciding where to cast his vote in the coming election. He used the Chinese word “Ying” (营Measure) from the headline appearing on the 17/01/2008 Sin Chew Newspaper “Opposition Party to Take On the New Mentri Besar, UMNO Is Taking Step By Step Measure” to request me to make a prediction.

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The Woman Who Wears A Crown

In the past few months, the question of whether the advisor of Partie Keadilan, Enche Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim can contest in the coming 2008 general election has been one of the hot topics in coffee shops and mamak stores. Some friends who are arguing even want to bet on the outcome. They wanted me to predict but I refused. These few days, the heavy national leaders also open their mouths on this subject.

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Last Auspicious Day Before Lunar New Year

Two investors persisted in asking about the investment strategy before the Lunar New Year. The market had been dropping continuously for the past few days. At 4 pm to-day (21-01-2008), the Composite Index had dropped a further 24 points to 1414.

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When I perform glyphomancy (prediction/forecast based on words) on the English word “Plant”, I explained it as “Zai Zang” (栽赃 planting evidence of theft). An elder from Singapore who is well versed with both Chinese and English language came to seek clarification.

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Secrets of Avoiding Being Burnt in Bull Markets

A professional dealing in shares during his lunch break pointed to the character “Re” (热Hot) in the headline “The Market Is Frighteningly Hot” appearing in the Financial Editorial and requested me to make a prediction on the future trend of the market.

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A friend who is very concern of world affair, while reading the news in the Sin Chew newspaper of Democratic presidential candidate Hilary being in a tight position, requested me to predict her chances using the Chinese character “La” (拉Pull) appearing in her Chinese name (希拉里).

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Ai Ai Ai Ai Ai Ai Ai Ai Ai (Unico)

10th Jan, 2008
A few senior remisiers held different views as to whether it is worth investing into Unico Holding now. Each has varied reasons holding on to their views. One more elderly one who knows how to read a little Chinese casually pointed to the character “Xi” (希hope) in the Sin Chew Newspaper and requested me to predict based on that character. I looked around the group and before I opened my mouth, he suddenly seemed to murmur, “Oh yes, this character looks like the ‘Xi’ (希) from the term ‘Xi Wang’ (希望Hope). There should be positive good outcome.”

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Damansara Primary Chinese School Reopens In Early Feb

Sin Chew paper on 9/1/2008 reported that “Reopening of Damansara Chinese Primary School at its original site” can be talked. A music teacher used the Chinese character “tan” (谈) or “talk” in the phrase “can tan” or “can talk” to request me to make a forecast.

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Unico Holding Saga

Jan 7th 2008

One remisier was reading the newspaper waiting for his turn to ask me his question. Suddenly he raised his head and said, “Master Sifu, the news on Unico Holding appears as the headline almost everyday. The two conflicting parties, which one will win, please?”

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Plantation Stock Forecast

From: Ang
Sent:14 January 2008 05:06:11
To: master.sifu@hotmail.com

Dear Most Respectful Master Sifu,
Plantation stocks keep hitting new heights, I had great problems advising my clients whether to sell, keep or buy further. Need your forecasts to guide me and am sure many of the investors.
When will the oil palm price hit the peak? When should we sell the plantation stocks?

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Critical Condition of Indonesian Ex-President Suharto

One remisier while waiting to ask me some personal matters brought up to me the news in Sin Chew Newspaper about Suharto being critically ill. He used the Chinese character “Ha”(哈) in Suharto’s name in Chinese to ask me to predict his health.

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I had personally invited Sister Pang (we are not using her real name to protect her identity and privacy) to help spread the benefits of qigong to our friends in Penang in mid November. She could not make it because she was busy preparing for her two university examination papers. She wanted me to make a prediction on her upcoming examination.

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In early 2007, Mr Chun invited me to join him in one of his weekly trips to Malacca where he was conducting Qigong class. I immediately suggested that it would be perfect if his daughter, Siang Ling could join us as well. However, the daughter declined the offer.

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On Romance : Another Man is More Suitable for Me

TIME: 25TH NOV 2007, 5:30P.M.

After finished examining my computer, Mr. Lee invited me to go to a nearby coffee shop for a drink. He very sadly confessed, “What should I do, a woman wants to separate with me?”

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