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The Diamond Sutra Translations
5.The Diamond Cutter
4.The Diamond Sutra Translation by Master Hsuan Hua
3.The Diamond Sutra Translation 3
2.The Diamond Sutra Translation 2
1.The Diamond Sutra Translation 1

18. (Key18) Lim Kwee Cheng: The Treasure On My Palm
17. (Key17) Lim Kwee Cheng: The First Perfection In The South China Sea
16. (Key16) Lim Kwee Cheng: I am Na Zha?
15. (Key15) Cheong Tim Fatt: Chanting the Compassionate Sutra
14. (Key14) Cheong Tim Fatt: I was looking at my own past life
13. (Key13) Saw Cheng Liang: First Prize 4-D
12. (Key12) Saw Hui Shi: The Male Who Applied Nail Polish
9. (Key9) Foreshadow
8. (Key8) Bey Choo Huay: We Were Your Children In Our Previous Life
7. (Key7) My life becomes wonderful because of you.
6. (Key6) Soh Cho Teng: My Father’s Soul Entered My Body
5. (Key5) Chia Siam Luan: A Balinese Dancer & A Thai Kick Boxer
4. (Key4) Saw: Godness “Ji Gong” entered into my body
3. I saw lights from my fingers & recall the Sutra after 51 years
2. (key2) Lim: Family’s Curse
1. (Key1) Saw Hui Shi: I CAN SEE SPIRITS

Legend of Penang
28.(Penang Miracle 15) Just Comfort Her & She Would Come Out Of Her Fits by Yen
27.(Penang Miracle 14) Jia jia Enjoys Going Out And She Smiles by Yen
26.(Penang Girl 24) I Pray To God So The Penang’s Miracle Happen by Totong
25.(Penang Girl 22) My Best Wishes To Sifu & All Going To Penang by San
24.(Penang Girl 20) Welcome Sifu To Penang by Tintin
23.(Penang Miracle 12) Qi & Feng Shui by Yen
22. (Penang Miracle 11 )‏ My Punishment 3 kneels + 3 kowtows Each Kneel by Kean Seong
21. (Penang Miracle 12) Qi & Feng Shui by Yen
20. (Penang Miracle 10) Good News! She Did Not Have Any Fits For 3 Days by Yen
19. (Penang Girl 1) Qigong Healing For The Penang Girl In Comma by Master Ming Hwa
18. Comment from ksee in response to (快乐100天8-11-2010)明华磕头九九八十一回从头再学守戒
17. (Penang Miracle 4) Thousand Apologies by Kean Seong
16. (Penang Miracle 3) Comment from ksee in response to (Penang Miracle 1) Ask To Meet Sifu Personally by Kean Seong
15. (Penang Miracle 2) Comment from Lee Koh Leong in response to (Penang MIracle 1) Ask To Meet Sifu Personally by Kean Seong
14. (Penang Miracle 1) Ask To Meet Sifu Personally by Kean Seong
13. (Penang Girl 19) Re: Ms Oon’s condition‏ 30-10-2010by TKLIM & Sifu
12. (Penang Girl 18) Ms Oon’s Condition 30-10-2010 by Kean Seong
11. (Penang Girl 17) JB Sleeping Beauty Story‏ by Kean Seong
10. (Penang Girl 16) Please Read JB Sleeping Beauty Story by Kean Seong
9. (Penang 15) Him Yee Pushed My Hand by Yen
8. (Penang 11) Invitation sifu come over Penang General Hospital for further qi kung on my sis
7. (Penang 10) My Chat With Sifu Over The Phone On 20 Oct, 2010 by Kean Seong
6. (Penang 9) 17 Oct 2010 - Condition of Ms Oon Him Yee – Penang Girl by Kean Seong
5. (Penang 8) I Really Really Want To Help Her by Kean Seong
4. (Penang 6) Diary of Qigong Treatment for Miss Oon Him Yee (2)
3. (Penang 2) Diary of Qigong Treatment for Miss Oon Him Yee by Yen
2.(Legend Of Penang 2) Thousand Hands Guan Yin by Tin Tin
1.(Legend of Penang 1) My meditation experience at Penang Hill Grace Dieu‏

Miracle in Life
12.(Reborn 15) Cultivate Inner Joy To Overcome The Pain by Ooi Kim Kow
11. (Reborn 8): Mei Qing’s Diet Menu (18/10/10-24/10/10) In Beauty Centre
10. (Reborn 7) Walked to Shifu and Knelt Down by Red Bean/ Chun
9. (Reborn 6) Witnessing A Miracle by Mr. & Mrs. Yeng / Red Bean
8.(Reborn 5) SEEING IS BELIEVING by Kwei Fong Tang
7.(Reborn 4) Great Devotion by Chan Foo Chin
6.(Reborn 3) Thus I Have Heard “Aunty, Save Me” by Red Bean/ Fook Mooi
5.(Reborn 2) Miracles by Marker Koh
4.(Reborn 1) Tan Mei Quing Joyous Rebirth by Tan Chue Guat
3.(Key14) Cheong Tim Fatt: I was looking at my own past life
2.〈Back To Past Life 3〉Lee Leik Senn: Experiences In Gunung Panti Meditation
1.Diamond Qi Kung

Secret Code
45.(Diamond Sutra) To Subdue The Mind by Lim Huan
44.(Key13) Saw Cheng Liang: First Prize 4-D
43.(Key12) Saw Hui Shi: The Male Who Applied Nail Polish
42.(Key15) Cheong Tim Fatt: Chanting the Compassionate Sutra
41。〈Johor Code 30〉Wong Sek Kun : Understand Yourself
40。〈Johore Code 29〉Cham Soon Keong: Nan Xiang
39。〈Johore Code28〉Black Stones in Sedili
38。〈Johor Code 27〉Chia Mia Joo: Opportunity
37。〈Johor Code 26〉Ang Eng Sew :Safe For All
36。〈Johor Code 25〉Chin Chong Chin : Like The Place
35。〈Johor Code 24〉Yeng Hee Heng: A small kid
34。〈Johor Code 23〉Master San Kin Hong: Relaxing
33。〈Johor Code 22〉Lee Kok Leong: A Bride
32。〈Johor Code 21〉Tee Puat Kuay – Today Is Like Yesterday
31。〈Johor Code 20〉Hoo Kok Kheon : Opening The Door To Past Lives
30。〈Johor Code 19〉Chai Kin Fah : Usual Heart
29。〈Johor Code 18〉Ng Eng Wan:Unchanged Spirit
28。〈Johor Code 17〉Kuok Liet Phin – Occasionally
27。〈Johor Code 16〉Chia Poi Cher: Drill Into The Stone
26。〈Johor Code 15〉Tan Poh Ai :Give Me Strength
25。〈Johor Code 14〉Tan Lee Ha: Purple And Green Colors Continuously Interflowing
24。〈Johor Code 13〉Lee Boo Hong : AMITABHA
23。〈Johor Code 12〉Soh Cho Teng : Relaxed Now
22。〈Johor Code 11〉Phung Ching Tian : Don’t Feel Tired
21。〈Johor Code 10〉Lee Boon Keng : Black Hole
20。〈Johor Code 9〉Phung Gim Lok :Emptiness
19.〈Johore Code 8〉Master Cham :Dharma Preachers Preaches No Dharma
18。〈The Johor Code 7〉Jenny Pang:Return From South China Sea
17.〈The Johor Code 6〉Master Ng Mei Siu: Cry Of The South China Sea
16.〈Back To Past Life 14〉Master Tan Poh Ai: Sandalwood
15.〈Back To Past Life 13〉Master Goh: Appeared A Person At Present
14.〈Back To Past Life 12〉Master Lee Koh Leong: Wonderful life
13.〈The Johor Code 5〉In The Deepest Memory Of The Past Five Hundred Lives
12.〈Back To Past Life 11〉My Experience In Past Life Regression By Miss Lian
11.〈Back To Past Life 4〉Lee Leik Senn: Back To My Latest Past Life
10.〈Back To Past Life 3〉Lee Leik Senn: Experiences In Gunung Panti Meditation
9.〈The Johor Code 4〉Master Lee Koh Leong:Share
8.〈The Johor Code 3〉Master Lee Koh Leong:My Experience
7.〈The Johor Code 2〉Lim Huan: A Spiritual Journey
6.〈The Johor Code 1〉Master shifu: Lovely Last Life
5.ES Ang: Journey Through Time Tunnel
4.〈Back To Past Life 9〉: Soh Cho Teng – Zen Cultivation On “Clearing Mind To See Its True Nature”
3.〈Back To Past Life 7〉: Elaine Yee – Saw Bodisattva Kuan Yin On The First Sight
2.〈Back To Past Life 5〉: Bey Choo Huay – I Saw Many Ancient People
1.〈Back To Past Life 6〉:Ang Sock Eng – I Was Back To Grandma’s Era

Mercy Power
7.(Mystical Power) Bodhisattva Compassion by Lim Sau Khoon
6.Master Tan: Spring Summer Autumn Winter
5.Master Tan : Wish For The 36 Qings
4.Master Tan : Sounds From Heaven Above
3.The Sound Power Of Qigong
2.First ever spontaneous qigong singing by Ms Chua Kai Hoi
1.Spontaneous Qigong Writing

Secret of Getting Mercy Power
6.(Thousand Hands Thousand Eyes) Cham : Who Am I ?
5. (Thousand Hands Thousand Eyes) 16 year old Saw Hui Shi: I Met Living Buddha
4. (Thousand Hands Thousand Eyes) Chew Sew Gean: Sparks Spurt From Between Eyebrows
3.Gift to the world and a man we can all be proud of
2.Power of Sound: Ideal State
1.Power of Smell: Bees Surround

A Mind-Change Brings Joyfull
38.(Power of Smile) Smile…… Zen By Lim Huan
37.(Master Chai 12) Erica Pek: A Fighter
36. (Miracle) Qigong Save Stroke Lady In 30 Minutes by Tee Puat Kuay
35. (Miracle) Sifu Cure My Husband by Felicia
34. (Miracle) Recover In Few Minutes by Felicia
33. (Qi) First Time Feeling Learning Qi Kong With Sifu by Felicia
32.(Sleeping Beauty) 10 Medical Reports by Tee Puat Kuay
31.(Vitality Qi) Vitality Qi Shines by Goo Poh Chee
30.Qi Around Me, How To Absorb It by Marker Koh
29.(Sleeping Beauty 11) What A Wonderful Feeling To Have Awaken The Sleeping Beauty
28.(Sleeping Beauty 10) Saw Master Shifu Sit Cross-legged In My Meditation by Kwee Cheng
27.(Qi) Qi Pesters Me To Go To The Hall To Practice Qigong While Bathing by Winnie
26.(Qi) Don’t Even Think Of Going To Temple by Winnie
25.(Sleeping Beauty 9) My Shoulder Was Totally Jam After Visit To Hospital by Marker Koh
24.(Sleeping Beauty 8) Hurray!!! Opening Her Eyes And Move Her Hand by Tee Puat Kuay
23.(Sleeping Beauty 7) Safe The Sleeping Beauty In The Hospital ICU by Tee Puat Kuay
22.(Qi) Qigong Kicked Off Some Cholesterol In Me by Wu Bao Zheng
21.(Muar Pearl 1) Qigong Saves My Elder Sister From Her Eleven Years Pain by Wu Bao Zheng
20.(Sleeping Beauty 6) Help Sleeping Beauty And Those In Distress And Needy by Tee Puat Kuay
19.(Sleeping Beauty 5) Remote Qi Of The Sleeping Beauty In The Muar Trip by Tee Puat Kuay
18.(Sleeping Beauty 4) Group Healing To The Sleeping Beauty In Hospital ICQ by Tee Puat Kuay
17.(Sleeping Beauty 3) Qi Is Transferred Through Sleeping Beauty’s Brother by Tee Puat Kuay
16.(Sleeping Beauty 2) Wasted No Time To Save The Sleeping Beauty by Tee Puat Kuay
15.(Sleeping Beauty 1) Sincerity Plus A Vow To Save A Sleeping Beauty by Tee Puat Kuay
14.Master Lim Huan: Face Depression With Feeling Happy
12.Power Of The Mind (6) – Positive Thoughts, Well Endowed
11.Power Of The Mind (4) – Relax And Let Go
10.Power Of The Mind (3) – Open Up Your Mind
9.Power Of The Mind 2: Om Ma Ni Pad Me Hum
8.Power Of The Mind 1: Touching The Inner Heart
7.No Walking Stick By Allan Lim
6.Girl,I Am Leaving
5.Explaining For Others
4.Personal File of Zhu Bajie (Piggy)
3.The Wonderful Encounter Of A Scottish Woman Up In Penang Hill
2.100 Times Fight 100 Times Win - Stay Victorious

Feats of fighting cancer
138.(Master Chai 27) Chai Kin Fah: The Lion Returns
137.(Master Chai 26) Chai Kin Fah : Make A Vow
136.(Master Chai 25) Chai Kin Fah: My final word of advice is to practice qikung diligently
135.(Master Chai 24) Ong Tsu Hai : Without Fail, Rain Or Shine
134.(Master Chai 23) San Kin Hong: Determination & The Will To Live
133.(Master Chai 22) Tee Puat Kuay: A Happy Man
132.(Master Chai 21) Chin Chong Chim : Achievement of Master Chai
131.(Master Chai 20) Tay Teck Ho: Admiration
130.(Master Chai 19) Tan Lee Ha: Determined To Practice Qikung
129.(Master Chai 18) SK Wong : Hope
128.(Master Chai 16) Yeng Hee Heng: Idol
127.(Master Chai 15) Mrs. Yeng Hee Heng : Keep It Up!
126.(Master Chai 14) Mr.Chun & Mrs. Chun: Keep It Up!
125.(Master Chai 13) Cheryl: Willing To Share
124.(Master Chai 11) Saw Hui Shi: Really very touching
123.(Master Chai 10 ) Lee Boon Keng: You Are Great!
122.(Master Chai 9) Lim Kwee Cheng : The Durians Are Waiting For You
121.(Master Chai 8) Tintin: A New Life
120.(Master Chai 7) Eng Sew Ang: Our Great Mr. Chai
119.(Master Chai 6) Wong Yee Sin: Cheer Brother Chia!
118.(Master Chai 5) Chai Fook Mooi: I Salute Fellow Brother Chai Kin Fah
117.(Master Chai 4) Lim Huan: Inspirations of life
116.(Master Chai 3) Lee Kok Leong: Beaming With Confidence
115.(Master Chai 2) Cham SK: A Man Who Treasures His Breath
114. (Anti-cancer Diary 84) LET YOUR BODY DO YOUR OWN CURING by Khoo Kim Eng
113. (Anti-cancer Diary 81) Senior Health Improvement by Felicia
112.(Qi) Cancer Patient Racing With Time by Tee Puat Kuay
111.(Anticancer Diary 76) My thoughts on Mdm Chai Fook Mooi’s recovery from “Lung Cancer” from reading her published diaries by Lee Koh Leong
110.(Anti-Cancer Diary 72) Great Escape From Lung Cancer 3rd Stage by Tee Puat Kuay
109.(Anticancer Diary 70) Three Prerequisites to Succeed in Fighting Cancer by SK Cham
108.(Anticancer 73) Interview with Chai Kin Fah on Fook Mooi: Make A More Profound Vow
107.(Anticancer Diary 74) Interview with Tsu Hai on Fook Mooi :Group Practice Enhances the Power
106.(Anticancer Diary 75) Interview With Mr. & Mrs. Saw Cheng Lee on Fook Mooi : Intense Desire
105.(Anticancer Diary 65) Interview with Koh Mei Teck on Fook Mooi: The Refreshing Cool Rain And The Warm Heart
104.(Anticancer Diary 67) Interview with Poh Tin on Fook Mooi: There Is Fortune In Practicing Qigong
103.(Anticancer Diary 66) Interview with Sew Gean on Fook Mooi: Giving Alms and Making Vows Are Two Great Forces Against Cancer
102.(Anticancer Diary 68) Postscript: In Love With Coconut Embryo by Red Bean
101.(Anticancer 63) The Hope Of Countless Cancer Patients by Chew Sew Gean
100.(Anticancer Diary 62) Watching You Recovering by Koh Eng Choo
99.(Anticancer Diary 61) The Sun Shines Again After The Rain by Goo Poh Kee
98.Comment on (Anticancer Diary 16.5.2010: Guidance from Fellow Brother Chai Kin Fah) by Lee Leik Senn
97.(Anti-cancer Diary 71) A Lady Of Determination And A Faithful Follower – Mdm Chai Fook Mooi
96.(Anti-cancer Diary 69) Receiving Healing And Giving Healing by KH San
95.(Anticancer Diary 64)I Regain My Health by Chai Fook Mooi
94.(Qigong/cancer 2) A Cancer Survivor by Allan Lim
93.(Qigong/cancer 1) A New Life by Tintin
92.(Anti-cancer Diary 58) 28-6-2010 The doctor said my lunges had recovered a bit
91.(Anti-cancer Diary 57) 27-6-2010 Went Hutan Bandar Garden To Practice Even It Was Raining Heavily
90.(Anti-cancer Diary 56) 26-6-2010 At Night Time, I Feel Well, Can Sleep
89.(Anti-cancer Diary 55) 25-6-2010 I Practice Whenever I Have Time
88.(Anti-cancer Diary 54) 24-6-2010 Read Sutras, Making Money And Rest
87.(Anti-cancer Diary 53) 23-6-2010 Brother Chai Kin Fah’s Experiences in Chinese Herbs
86.(Anti-cancer Diary 52) 22-6-2010 Can Assist Others To Activate Their Qi
85.(Anti-cancer Diary 51) 21-6-2010 To Have An X-ray Check-Up In Hospital
84.(Anti-cancer Diary 50) 20-6-2010 Can Go Home By Bus On My Own
83.(Anti-cancer Diary 49) 19-6-2010 Rest And Practice On The Sofa After Meal
82.(Anticancer Diary 48) 18-6-2010 Unconcious Miss Liew Has Awaken
81.(Anticancer Diary 47) 17-6-2010 Respect Very Much Those Silent Volunteer Workers
80.(Anticancer Diary 46) 16-6-2010 No More Violent Actions After Recovery
79.(Anticancer Diary 45) 15-6-2010 Mother-In-Law And Brother-In-Law Join In The Qigong Practice
78.(Anticancer Diary 44) 14-6-2010 Appetite Returns And Fever Gone
77.(Anticancer Diary 43) 13-6-2010 I Also Joined In The Distant Healing Process
76.(Anticancer Diary 42) 12.6.2010 Too Much Time in Hand
75.(Anticancer Diary 41) 11.6.2010 Emit Qi to Unconscious Ms Liew in Hospital
74.(Anticancer Diary 40) 10-6-2010 Fever
73.(Anticancer Diary 39) 9-6-2010 Can Only Lie In Bed To Practice
72.(Anticancer Diary 38) 8-6-2010 Can Only Lie On Floor To Practice
71.(Anticancer Diary 37) 7-6-2010 When My Medicine Took Effect I Did Qigong In Bed
70.(Anticancer Diary 36) 6-6-2010 The Air In Hutan Bandar Is Very Good For Qigong Practice
69.(Anticancer Diary 35)5-6-2010 Practice On My Mother’s Death Anniversary
68.(Anti-cancer Diary 34) 4-6-2010 When The Medicine Took Effect My Qi Feeling Was Very Strong
67.(Anti-cancer Diary 33) 3-6-2010 Went To Practice The Very Day Being Discharged
66.(Anti-cancer Diary 32) 2-6-2010 Feel Lucky Having Practiced This Qigong
65.(Anti-cancer Diary 31) 1-6-2010 Practice Qi Gong On Hospital Bed
64.(Anti-cancer Diary 30) 31-5-2010 This Qigong Is Effecting In Combating Cancer
63.(Anti-cancer Diary 29) 30-5-2010 Strong Qi Regulated My Body
62.(Anti-cancer Diary 28) 29-5-2010 I Can Sleep After Completing My Practice
61.(Anti-cancer Diary 27) 28-5-2010 I Salute Fellow Brother Chai Kin Fah
60.(Anti-cancer Diary 26) 27-5-2010 Time Flies
59.(Anti-Cancer Diary 72) Tee Puat Kuay: Great Escape From Lung Cancer 3rd Stage
58.(Anti-Cancer Diary 60)Do What You Should by Lim Kwee Cheng
57.(Anti-cancer Diary 59) Qi Leads Me Suddenly To Help A Lung Cancer Patient by Chong
56.(Anti-Cancer Diary 25) 26-5-2010: Can Sleep After Practicing Qigong
55.(Anti-Cancer Diary 24) 25-5-2010: Fellow Brothers And Sisters Help My Mother-In-Law To Activate Her Qi
54.(Anti-Cancer Diary 23) 24-6-2010: The Doctor Gives Me One Week To Consider
53.(Anti-Cancer Diary 22) 23-5-2010: My Son Said I Am Now Capable Of Killing A Tiger
52.(Anti-Cancer Diary 21) 22-5-2010: Scared To Go For My Chemo Therapy
51.(Anti-Cancer Diary 20) 21-5-2010: I Have Not Laughed So Heartily For A Long Time
50.(Anti-Cancer Diary 19) 20-5-2010: Can Sleep At Night Now
49.(Anti-Cancer Diary 18) 19-5-2010: Have Not Taken Any Painkiller For Past Few Days
48.(Anti-Cancer Diary 17) 18-6-2010: Fellow Sisters And Brothers Help Me To Practice
47.(Anti-Cancer Diary 16) 17-5-2010: My Primordial Qi Asks Me To Rest
46.(Anti-Cancer Diary 15) 16-5-2010: Guidance From Fellow Brother Master Chai Kin Fah.
45.(Anti-Cancer Diary 14) 15-5-2010:A Fellow Brother Master Tee Disperses Qi To Me From Thousand Miles Away
44.(Anti-Cancer Diary 13) 14-5-2010: Already One Foot In The Grave, May As Well Practice Qigong
43.(Anti-Cancer Diary 12) 13-5-2010: Our Primordial Qi Will Spontaneously Sweep Off Any Harmful Qi
42.(Anti-Cancer Diary 11) 12-5-10: I Can Blow Out Qi During Practice
41.(Anti-Cancer Diary 10) 11-5-10: Thanks To A Fellow Sister Chong Jiew Mui for Clearing My Meridians
40.(Anti-Cancer Diary 9) 10-5-2010 Moving Qi Will Spontaneously Help Me to Practice Qigong
39.(Anti-Cancer Diary 8) 9-5-2010: Qi Goes Spontaneously To Where Healing Is Needed
38.(Anti-Cancer Diary 7) 8-5-2010: Qi Will Spontaneously Help Me to Pat Myself
37.(Anti-Cancer Diary 6) 7-5-2010: Group Practice In Johore Bahru Main Centre In Foon Yew Primary School 2
36.(Anti-Cancer Diary 5) 6-5-2010: Group Practice In Taman Nursa Idaman Centre, Johore Bahru
35.(Anti-Cancer Diary 4) 2-5-2010: Group Practice In Bandar Hutan Garden, Johore Bahru
34.(Anti-Cancer Diary 3) 27-4-2010: I Saw Master Shifu After My Cancer Cells Spread Out
33.(Anti-Cancer Diary 2) 26-4-10: The Doctor Asks Me To Look To Heaven While My Friend Invited Me To Practice Qigong
32.(Anti- Cancer Diary 1) Can You Present Me A Stalk of Carnation?
31.She is free
30.Strong Enough
28.Through Life And Death,Cheer!
27.Favorable Turnaround
26.Very Good
24.Standing Still
23.The Cancer Buster
21.Day by day
20.Blessing from the Master
19.The Voyage
18.Better Everyday
17.The Strength Of Mountain Climbing
15.Great Inspiration
14.Abundant Oxygen Here
13.Mrs Goh conquers cencers & Gunung Lambak in Kluang
11.A Happy Man
10. A Good Example
8.Making A Vow
3.I Have Faith
1.Perseverance Till The End – The Choice Of One Recovering From Cancer

Yee Mei - Diary of Combating Cancer
1. (Diary Of Combating Cancer 21-04-2011) Shifu Was Like My Maternal Grandpa by Mei
2. (Diary Of Combating Cancer 30-04-2011) Right Leg Felt Warm And Numb by Mei
3. (Diary Of Combating Cancer 01-05-2011) Did Thai Dancing by Mei
4. (Diary Of Combating Cancer 02-05-2011) Knelt to Express Respect to Shifu by Mei
5. (Diary Of Combating Cancer 03-05-2011) All the Blood Vessels On The Bottom Of My Legs Cleared by Mei
6. (Diary Of Combating Cancer 04-05-2011) The Wonderful Qigong Fairy Flying by Mei
7. (Diary Of Combating Cancer 05-05-2011) Dance and Disperse Qi by Mei
8. (Diary Of Combating Cancer 06-05-2011) Perform Qigong Healing on My Younger Sister by Mei
9. (Diary Of Combating Cancer 08-05-2011) First Time Observing Feng Shui by Mei
10. (Diary Of Combating Cancer 14-05-2011) Spontaneous Massage On My Abdomen by Mei
11. (Diary Of Combating Cancer 16-05-2011) The Cancer Cells Had Not Spread by Mei
12. (Diary Of Combating Cancer 17-05-2011) Forty Carnation Flowers for Mum by Mei
13. (Diary Of Combating Cancer 18-05-2011) Brother Tee’s Explaination by Mei
14. (Diary Of Combating Cancer 19-05-2011) Remote Dispersal Of Qi by Mei

8 Divinatory Symbols
1.8 Divinatory Symbols

Date Pick
1.Classic Date Pick : What Will Happen On 916?

Feng Shui
3.(Gong Xi Fa Cai 7) Feng Shui: The Flag of Hero Zheng Cheng Gong(郑成功)
2.(Gong Xi Fa Cai 6) Feng Shui: Whose Treasure Ship?
1.The Path to Success of an Economic Professor

Interprets a Qian

Marvellous Prediction
11.(No Politic) 328 MCA Re-election
10.(Gong Xi Fa Cai 2) Ms Saw: Lunar 9th Jan a bat had entered our house
9.(Gong Xi Fa Cai 1) Couplets of Luck: The Lucky Number 9980
8. (Prediction) Ang Eng Sew: Result Of MCA(Malaysia) EGM
7.Democratic Progressive Party Lost On The Most Rotten Date
6.Master Ming Fah Predicted Wrongly, Altogether Attain SAMBODHI
5.The Black Key + Rats Bringing Treasure
4.All Predicted Correctly That General Election On Mar 8th
3.Anwar Indeed Has No Chance To Contest In The General Election
2.The Easiest Prediction Of Taiwan’s Democratic Progressive Party’s Terrible Defeat
1.Prediction of The Death of Ex-President Suharto

Palm Teller
3.Irrational Relationship
2.The “Yong Chun” Martial Art Expert – An Amputee?
1.The Fate of a Spice Doll

8 Divinatory Symbols
1.Further prediction of Damansara Chinese Primary School based on YiJing (Book of Changes)

Date Pick
9.Classic Date Pick : What Will Happen On 916?
8.Date Pick Classics: Is 20/12/2008 A Very Good Auspicious Date?
7.“9” – The Brilliant Secret Way Of Saving Taiwan
6.Exclusive News: Feb.’s Last Black Key - TODAY
5.Only Thing To Do On Mar 8th – Vote
4.Praying For The Reopening of Damansara Chinese Primary School
3.4th Feb. Is The Auspicious Day For Acknowledging Master
2.The Taiwan Presidential Election Date 22/03/2008 Is An Ominous Day
1.Taiwan Senate Election Day (12/01/08)Is Gruesome

Feng Shui
1.The Path to Success of an Economic Professor

Interprets a Dream
18.(Dream 23) Forgotten That Sentence by Kwee Cheng
17.(Dream 22) Master Shifu and Cat Fish by Kwee Cheng
16.(Dream 21) Many Demons Beat Me by Kwee Cheng
15.(Dream 20)Dream of Gold by Kwee Cheng
14.(Dream 18) I Srike Lottery Lah! by Kwee Cheng
13.(Dream 17) Fighting With A Spirit Ghost by Marker Koh
12.(Dream 16) Talking of Talk and No Talk by Goo Poh Tin
11.(Dream 15) Winnie’s Sixth Dream: Black Bamboo Groove and the Morning Dews
10.(Dream 14) Winnie’s Fifth Dream: Sponge Cake and Puppy Will Bring Luck
9.(Dream 13) Winnie’s Fourth Dream: Inside and Outside The Car
8.(Dream 12) Master Shifu’s Prediction of My 2nd Dream by Winnie
7.(Dream 11) Winnie Dreamed Of Shifu 3- Escape disaster and reap good fortunes
6.(Dream 10)Winnie Dreamed of Shifu 2– Driving Away Evil Spirits
5.(Dream 9) Winnie Dreamed of Shifu 1- Gautama Buddha’s Yulan Magnolia Flower
4.Ipoh Nightmare‏ by San Kin Hong
3.(Dream 7) Last Night I Dreamt Being Chased by A Tiger – Kwee Cheng
2.(Gong Xi Fa Cai 3) Dream Divination:Learn the Mantra Of Overwhelming Fortune
1.198808808 - Dream Comes True?

Interprets a Qian
1.The Worst Fortune Slip For 2.5 Mil Rgts Share Transaction

Palm Teller
4.Dropping Out From His Tertiary Education In An Overseas Institution
3.Irrational Relationship
2.The “Yong Chun” Martial Art Expert – An Amputee?
1.The Fate of a Spice Doll

Prediction based on Words
39.(Gong Xi Fa Cai 5) Word Prediction : “Wang Wang” Luck from the Dog
38. (Word Prediction) Benevolence Hall’s “A Piece Of Farmland”
37. (Word Prediction) Listen to the Doctor, Remove the Tumour
36. (Word Prediction) Tiger in Level Land May Be Bullied By a Dog. Dear Brother, Your Plan Would Not Work
35. (Word Prediction) Today is the Day for Promotion & Pay Rise
34. (Word Prediction) Worked Out Teacher Planting Land of Good Fortune
33. (Word Prediction) Miss, Are You Asking for Your Luck in Romance?
32. (Word Prediction) Speaking Bitingly Carries Great Sin
31. (Word Analysis) Hui Shi Learning Word Analysis : The Cow Beside The Temple
30.(Heaven & Earth Turning Around In Malaysia 1):Filthy Hand – Perak Bn
29.〈Financial Tsunami 2〉Share Market : Everyone Is Hooked
28.“Special Meeting” UMNO Vice President Muhhydin – Another Sword
27.UMNO Deputy President Najib’s Chances: Everyone Says He Got The Goat
26.Tengku Razaleigh Has Intention To Contest Umno Presidency : Man On Cloud Nine
25.《Bitter Gourd Soup》 Prime Minister Abdullah: One Square Inch Ground
23.Taiwan Democratic Progressive Party Is The Most Rotten Kid In The Eyes Of All Opposition Parties In The World
22.Prediction of share market
21.Exclusive On Spot Prediction: To-Day’s (11/03/08) Market Trend
20.The 4 Waves Of KLSE Tsunami
19.The Money Tree in Winter
18.Remisier Is Your God Of Wealth
17.Badminton Doubles Pair Each Goes His Own Way
16.New Governor of Penang State?
15.Chances of Malaysian Opposition Party
14.UMNO Takes Step By Step Measure
13.The Woman Who Wears A Crown
12.Last Auspicious Day Before Lunar New Year
11.I Love Banks
10.Secrets of Avoiding Being Burnt in Bull Markets
9.Hilary In American Presidential Election
8.Ai Ai Ai Ai Ai Ai Ai Ai Ai (Unico)
7.Damansara Primary Chinese School Reopens In Early Feb
6.Unico Holding Saga
5.Plantation Stock Forecast
4.Critical Condition of Indonesian Ex-President Suharto
3.Sitting For Two University Examination Papers
2.Postgraduate Studies Versus Profession As A Remisier
1.On Romance : Another Man is More Suitable for Me

Seek for Advise
7.(Gong Xi Fa Cai 4) Amiability Begets Riches
6.1991 20Sen Coin, Whose Money Is It?
5.Stock Market: Only Monkeys Everywhere
4.Happy Chinese New Year for ASB and ASB-LA
3.“Art Of Thousand Hands Thousand Eyes” Qi Gong Meditation
2.The Goddess Of Mercy Holding a Child - Found
1.You can also be a saviour in life

Practice And Feeling
44.(Master Chai 2) Master Ming Fah: Saddharma Pundarika Sutra
43.(Blossoms 15)Blessings From Yee Sin: The Crystal Ball of Fortune
42. (Blossoms 14) Reply to Nancy’s Email: Sentimental Beijing
41. (Blossoms 15)Blessings From Yee Sin: The Crystal Ball of Fortune
40. (Blossoms 11) Red Bean: Iced Kacang
39. (Blossoms 13) A Date With The Peach Blossoms
38. (Greeting 1) Master Chia: Inspiring Mountains
37. (Greeting 2) Master Chun: Roar of The Golden Tiger
36. (Greeting 3) Golden Tiger Presents Auspicious Qi
35. (Blossoms 12) Nancy’s Spring Time
34. (Blossoms 10) Email to Master Shifu from Nancy: Words of Well Wishes
33. (Blossoms 9)Reply to Nancy from Master Shifu: Priceless Miracle Medicine
32. (Blossoms 8) From Nancy to Master Shifu: Company
31. Zen: Volunteers
30. Kean Seong: Thanks The Translator
29. Cham: He Spoke Of Harmonious Buddhafields
28. MingFah: I Have The Chance To Enlighten
27. Kean Seong: Hope To Hear Mr. Cham’s Explanation
26. Seong: Why I Joined & Practise Qi Gong ?
25. Cham : Which Ruler Have I Used To Measure Him?
24.(A Peach Tree Of Blossoms 7) Having You by Tin Tin
23.(A Peach Tree Of Blossoms 6) Sincere Wishes by Elaine
22.(A Peach Tree Of Blossoms 5) Kuan Yin Birthday Celebration by YeeSin
21.(A Peach Tree Of Blossoms 4) A Secret by TT
20.(A Peach Tree Of Blossoms 3) Safe Journey Home by Tin Tin
19.(A Peach Three Of Flowers 2) I Have Forgotten by Master Ming Fah
18.(A Peach Tree Of Blossoms 1) CHUN: Ready To Serve
17. Tin Tin : After The Extraordinary Penang Hill Experience
16. Cham: He Shows Example
15.CHAM: When Rose Is The Only Flower In The World!
14. Lee: I Am Very Busy, I Don’t Have The Time!
13.Affections Abounds Among People
12.I Have Entered The Stream
11.Approval of “Receiving of Disciples” Ceremony
10.Follow up on Music Teacher Mr. Tan’s training progress
9.Creation Of A Sacred Place - Jitra
8.Creation of a sacred place - Gurun
7.am I flying???
6.A Precious Singing Bowl
5.Towards Enlightenment
4.This Is Live Diamond Sutra!
3.An Eye-Opener
2.I Can Smile
1.Thus have I learnt ~ “RESPECT”

Snapshot at Dignified Buddha Places
2.Clear Streams Flow Round The Green Mountain
1.While Paying Respect To Master Xuan Zhuang At Sun Moon Lake Met Lord Buddha By Coincidence

Travel with Shifu
5. Cham: The Book Of “Qigong in Penang, 2009”
4.The Dream Come True
3.Happy Birthday To You!!!
2.Full Support. Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!
1.Cheers everyone, Merry Christmas Happy New Year!

Secular World
10.(Leaving Hell 5) Big Butterfly, Making Hand Murals and Chanting Sutras by Kwee Cheng
9.(Leaving Hell 5)A Marriage That Was Not Blessed-Lim Lian Hua
8.(Leaving Hell 4): The Story I Left Out On Purpose - Lim Lian Hua
7. (Hell 3) Master MingFah:Let Me Be A Lonely Ghost
6.(Hell 2) Master MingFah : I Explain Diamond Sutra For The Lonely Wandering Ghost
5.(Hell 1) Cham : I Was Like A Lonely Wandering Ghost In My Dream
4.Paying Respect On Ching Ming Festival
3.What To Do When You See A Ghost?
1.Friends From The Spiritual World

2.Which Will You Choose: NTU or UTAR
1.Diamond Arrow Must Be Shot Out

1.Please guide us what to do to safe this kind hearted man

3.Special Kid
2.Thank you on behalf of my Mom & Sister
1.Marital Future: Carefree Happiness Coming

Happy 100 days
17. (Happy 100 Days 8-11-2010) Master Ming Hwa Learn to Hold Precept Again After Nine Nine Eighty One Kowtows
16.(Happy 100 Days 24-7-10) Listen to Winnie Talking of A Cultivator Who Went Astray
15.(Happy 100 Day 8-7-2010) Wish Nancy A Happy Birthday
14.(Happy 14th Day) My Eyes Had Also Become Redden
13.(Happy 13th Day) I Love Empathy Most
12.(Happy 12th Day) Still See The Rays of Sunrise
11.Happy 11th Day: Wonderful Foresight
10.Happy 10th Day: Tonight You Are the Most Pretty
9.Happy 9th Day: Ching Ming Festival – Paper Boat of the Tang Dynasty
8.Happy 8th Day: The Easiest Way To Be Happy
7.Happy 7th Day: A Woman’s Dream
6.Happy 6th Day: Bon Voyage!
5.Happy 5th Day: Say Out Loud Your Love
4.Happy 4th Day: Happy Intermediary
3.Happy 3rd Day: The Happiness Of Holding Precepts
2.Happy 2nd Day: True Sentiment is Priceless
1.(Happy for 100 Days 22-3-2010) Mr. Tan from East Malaysia: Do You Need Reasons To Be Happy?

9.(Beauty in My Dream 4) Fortune by Winnie
8.(My Dream Girl) Accompany You Through The Darkest Night – Yee Sin
7.“Re: Translation-Accompany You Through The Darkest Night by Yee Sin‏” by Ksee
6.〈Peach Blossom Is Everywhere In Beijing 2〉Thank You Master Shifu from Nancy of Beijing
5.Praying For Victims Of The 2008 Myiama Cyclone And Szechuan Earthquake 2
4.Praying For Victims Of The 2008 Myiama Cyclone And Szechuan Earthquake
3.Chanting Forty Nine Times In Seven Nights For Her Well Being
2.Peach Blossom Is Everywhere In Beijing
1.Teaching You How to Overcome Your Broken Hearted Distress

What’s news
2.Comment on “这就是活金刚经-许美德” by Kya
1.Wantan Mee, Another Bowl Please!

Write to Master Shifu
14.(Leaving Hell 1): Heart Touching -Lim Lian Hua
13.Comment on “"ART OF THOUSAND HANDS THOUSAND EYES” QI GONG MEDITATION Written by: Lee Koh Leong"‏ by Hester
12.Comment on “Bodhisattva Compassion by Lim Sau Khoon"‏ by ufc odds
11.Comment on “Tin Tin : After The Extraordinary Penang Hill Experience"‏ by Tradeking Review
10.Comment on “Happily Worship Bodhisattva Guan Yin"‏by how to download from redtube
9.Comment on “WHAT TO DO WHEN YOU SEE A GHOST"‏ by Silas
8.Comment on “WHAT TO DO WHEN YOU SEE A GHOST"‏ by New Jordans
7.Comment on “WHAT TO DO WHEN YOU SEE A GHOST"‏ by Cheap Jordans
6.Comment on “Pray for our brother Eric Ong” by Lola
5.Comment on “(Blossoms 8) From Nancy to Master Shifu: Company"‏ by Kip Zegarra
4. (Forum) Comments On Mail To Shifu 1
3. Email to Master MingFah 3: For You
2. Email to Master MingFah 2: Suspend
1. Email to Master MingFah 1: Your Success

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