(Diary of Combating Cancer 27-6-2011) Anticancer Mixed Fruits & Vegetables Drinks

27-6-2011 Mon

This morning at 8 am, I went for another blood test with empty stomach. After the doctor had drawn out my blood, he commented that my blood was a bid thick this time and instructed me to do more exercise and said that the test result would be out in five days’ time.

After returning home I started practicing my qigong immediately after drinking two glasses of mixed fruits plus vegetables juice. The mixed juice that I took was according to the anticancer recipes given by Dr. Tom Wu. The constituents of the recipes are:

1. Two carrots, half a cob of maize, two persimmons, half an apple, one quarter grapefruit, half an orange, one lemon, two glasses of filtered water, one quarter piece of dried seaweed and two big spoons of white sesame seeds.

2. One beetroot, one carrot, one celery, two slices of pineapple, two kiwi fruits, one lemon, two glasses of filtered water, one small slice of onion, half a spoon of common fenugreek seeds (also known as methi, a common ingredient in many curries), two big spoons of linseed oil, six small stems of Chinese parsley (or coriander), three big spoons of goji berries (柯杞 read as Ke Qi, also known as Chinese Wolfberry).

3. One carrot, one cob of maize, one persimmon, half a pineapple, one kiwi fruit, one third papaya, two glasses of filtered water and three big spoons of goji berries (Chinese Wolfberry).

4. Half a red beetroot, one carrot, half a cob of maize, half a pear, half a lemon, half a glass of grapes, one and a half a glass of strawberries, two big spoons of linseed oil and two big spoons of goji berries.

The above drinks are what I frequently take. In some of the above drinks it would be better to add slices of ginger. But because I am afraid of heat, I don’t add any ginger. At the same time, everyday I boil some herbal tea to drink for cooling myself down. The herbal tea consists of “white flower snake-tongue grass” (白花蛇舌草,read as Bai Hua She She Cao, medical name –Hedyotis Diffusa) plus skullcap (半枝莲 read as Ban Zhi Lian, medical name – Scutellaria Barbata). Shifu said I must take it for three months.

Yee Mei

Translated By: Ang ES (7/7/2011)

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