(Diary of Combating Cancer 26-6-2011) Mom, I Love You

26-6-2011 Sun

This morning at 8.30 am, we practiced qigong at the Foon Yew Primary 2 centre. After the practice, we intended to go to three houses to look at their fengsui. This was the first time I was going with so many people to study the fengsui. There were close to ten car load of people going. The time was near 12 pm. When we reached Johore Jaya, we first went for the traditional “kway teow kia (果条仔)”which was most famous around there for our lunch. After lunch, we set off to our first target house which was fellow sister Kwee Cheng’s home.

When we were there the atmosphere was like celebrating Spring Festival. Everyone was happy and joyous throughout the whole process and we left with a light and happy heart.

Next we went to a fellow brother’s home. According to Shifu the master of the house was very unhappy staying in this house as things had not been going smoothly for the family. The master had seek divine help from many Deities but no improvement had happened. When we entered the hall Shifu told us that whatever sensation we could feel, expressed it out. Everyone walked all over the house and looked out everywhere. Suddenly, there was horrible screams and mournful weeping coming out from the kitchen area. I was terrified. I could feel my hair standing on ends. But my curiosity drove me to the kitchen. There I saw fellow sister Poh Chen was weeping mournfully and several fellow sisters around her were trying to console her. Then I could feel my qi coming and I went into motions. There were many fellow brothers and sisters there, making the kitchen boisterous like a market. Then I could smell waves and waves of rotting scent flowing past my nose. It was intolerable. This home was indeed condemned. After Shifu performed the ceremony of saving the living souls from the sea of misery and expiating the sins of the dead with offering of paper boats and others, this home should have a turnaround and live peacefully and prosperously. Thank you to Shifu and everyone.

Near 4 pm we arrived at the third house, fellow sister Mei Li’s home. Once we entered the house, there was the warmth feeling of a home. When we visited the kitchen, it could be seen that her husband is good and loving to her. The measurement of the stove was built according to her wishes. Oh! Dear fellow sister, you must treasure such fortune!

In the kitchen, we then listened to Shifu explaining the fundamental working of fengsui. Laughter filled the kitchen. We then adjourned to the hall and some fellow brothers and sisters lay out the offerings and prepared for the prayer. Shifu instructed all of us to chant sutras altogether. Fellow sister Mei Li had also bought five lotus flowers for the offering. Then Shifu asked for four of them to be given to those meritorious fellow brothers and sisters among us. They happened to be Mr. Yeng, Mr. Chun, Lai Li and my mom. I was suddenly touched. I realized I must thank my mom for her dedication all these days in accompanying me to practice qigong during this difficult period of mine.

Mom, I truly love you!

Yee Mei.

Translated by: Ang ES (8-7-2011)

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