(Diary of Combating Cancer 1-7-2011) Thank you, doctor!

1-7-2011 Fri

At 8 am, I went to the garden to practice my qigong after drinking two glasses of mixed fruit juice. After practicing for two hours I returned home and cooked some “Fiver Cereals” porridge.

At 4.30 pm, the dispensary called me to go to collect my blood test report. The tone that the doctor talked to me indicated that he did not consent to my choice of using traditional Chinese medical treatment and made some unpleasing comments. The report this time showed that other than the blood platelet count which had increased, the rest remained at the previous level. Although what the doctor warned was disturbing to the ears but I thought it was good to be frightened off sometime. At least I would be kept on the alert.

Thank you, doctor!

Yee Mei (1-7-2011)

Translated By : Ang ES (12-07-2011)

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