Reasons For Publishing The World’s Small 《The Diamond Sutra》

1. Why receive and hold 《The Diamond Sutra》?
Buddha says: To accomplish immeasurable and boundless merit and virtue.

2. Why install 《The Diamond Sutra》?
Buddha says: In every place the sutra text is found, there is the Buddha.

3. Who should make offerings to 《The Diamond Sutra》?
Buddha says: All gods, men and asuras of the world should make offerings just as they would to a Buddha’s shrine or temple.

4. How to make offerings to 《The Diamond Sutra》?
Buddha says: Respectfully bow, circumambulate and scatter incense and flowers.

5. Why recommend 《The Diamond Sutra》?
Buddha says: To receive, hold, read, recite and explain it for others, the blessing would surpass the former one’s.

6. Why publish 《The Diamond Sutra》?
Buddha says: This sutra’s meaning is inconceivable and that its retribution is also inconceivable.

7. Why publish the smallest thumb size 《The Diamond Sutra》?
Buddha says: The dharma spoken by the Tathagata cannot be grasped and cannot be spoken.

8. Why print only 1250 copies of 《The Diamond Sutra》?
Answer: There were a total of 1250 people who attended the Dharma Assembly on 《The Diamond Sutra》.

9. Who contributed to the printing of these 1250 copies of 《The Diamond Sutra》?
Answer: Good men, good women contributed.

10. How to get copies of the 《The Diamond Sutra》?
Answer: Kindly contact (My Diamond Sutra) website:
‘’ or email: ‘’

11. How to contribute?
Answer: You can contact (My Diamond Sutra) website or donate directly to any charity organization or individual.

Master Ming Fah
Humbly translated by: Hong YS (21-03-2009)

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