Marvellous Prediction 9: Democratic Progressive Party Lost On The Most Rotten Date

On 03/02/08, fifty days ago, Master Ming Fah in his prediction article entitled 《The Date For Taiwanese Presidential Election (22/03/2008) Is A Very Disastrous Date》said, “It is very unfavorable for the candidates of the ruling party, signs of defeat had already emerged.”

The final result met the prediction. The candidates of the ruling party were badly defeated.

Ming Fah concludes: Frank Shieh, the presidential candidate of the ruling party, often boasted proudly that he had a team of invincible high level masters like Song Qi Li to guide him. But the master could not even see that the date was an ominous date though it was very simple. The common saying is well said, “Good fortunate lands are for the occupation by the good worthy people. Auspicious dates are for the good worthy people.” People who often do unrighteous things, how many of them can escape the fate of defeat on these bad and very ominous dates?

Ming Fah Humbly Bows: 26/03/2008 1.00 AM

Translated By: Ang ES 07/04/2008

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