Master Ming Fah Predicted Wrongly, Altogether Attain SAMBODHI

On Jan 9th, Master Ming Fah divined: 《Predicting based on YiChing’s Eight Trigrams Divination, Damansara Chinese Primary School will be reopened before March 8th》

Very sorry! I was wrong! The school did not reopen by March 8th.

This is because of my serious karmic offenses from my past few lives, enough to be sent to hell in my next life. Hence I could make such a wrong prediction on such a great compassionate matter that everyone is praying on.

To destroy my karmic offenses in my past few lives, Ming Fah to-day in this life receives, holds, reads and recites the Sutra and makes predictions on three matters that are of concern to all of us.

1.(Financial) Vow for all: God of Fortune arrives to-day – 198808808

2.(Family) Empower the single parent mother who is going to Australia to seek fortune: To return home peacefully in three months.

3.(Education) Heaven’s will: Malaysian ruling party is going to lose a further three safe parliamentary seats and eight safe state seats for not letting “Damansara Prim” to reopen before March 8th.

Our Buddha Is Compassionate

Ming Fah explaining for others: 《Diamond Sutra》
“Moreover, Subhuti, if a good man, or good woman, receives, holds, reads, and recites this sutra and if people ridicule him, that man has karmic offenses from previous lives which destine him for the evil paths. But because in his present life he is ridiculed by others, his previous karmic offenses are destroyed and he will attain anuttarasamyaksambodhi.

Master Ming Fah 8/3/2008 1.00 pm

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