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以下的文章让我们见识师父的神机妙算. 希望各位读者别错过师父对这些预言背后令人深思的道理:

7.财神真的到我家 - 8891
5.黑色的锁匙 + 鼠来宝

金刚经以否定又否定的方式来描述法性实相,以免掉入执著.佛陀说了真理,也以身作则地说明了,要以修行来体证真理. 修行要不执著到连’不执著’的念头都没有.
然而,佛陀也用肯定的方式来说明了受持金刚经的福德和功德. 它具有不可思议的力量.

明华师父以身说法, 他像佛陀一样把佛法表现在生活衣食住行, 他显现大神通力来让门徒有信心和有智慧来运用佛法帮助别人.他让我们看到神通, 和佛性一样, 是每一个人都具足的.
明华师父曾经谈到大神通力,问:《金刚经》说:“ 不得以三十二相见如来”, 那么, 如来是否呈现他的三十二相? 师父说, 执著于三十二相是一种执著,执著没有三十二相也是一种执著.同样的, 鼓吹神通是一种执著, 不说神通也是掉进了执著.

我们应该明白, 大神通力是一种方便, 是用来帮助别人的方便法门.六祖惠能说金刚经口诀时,说般若就是智慧:智者不起愚心,慧者有其方便. 明华师父也说般若就是大智慧,就是决断力. 当我们应用大神通力时, 我们要帮助别人去到彼岸. 希望读者在这些预言里得到领会,在帮助别人时也可参考这些个案.

有烦恼的朋友, 希望看到这些真实故事时, 也可想想故事里面积极的讯息, 而得到信心和勇气来面对挑战!

在此呼吁大家参与,发表看法和感受. 也呼吁大家尽力帮助别人, 为人演说金刚经!



Master Shifu’s predictions have one by one turned up true.

The following articles allow us to realize Master Shifu’s miraculous power in prediction. But don’t miss contemplating the principles behind all these predictions that warrant your deeper thought:

7.Democratic Progressive Party Lost On The Most Rotten Date
6.Master Ming Fah Predicted Wrongly, Altogether Attain SAMBODHI
5. The Black Key + Rats Bringing Treasure
4. Everyone Predicted Correctly That General Election Is On March 8th.
3. Anwar Indeed Has No Chance Of Contesting The General Election.
2. The Easiest Prediction of Taiwan’s Democratic Party’s Terrible Defeat.
1. Prediction of Indonesia’s Ex-President Suharto’s Death With Sadness

Diamond Sutra uses the pattern or style of “Negating and Negating” to describe and expound the Dharma and truth to avoid people falling into the trap of dwelling. Buddha speaks the truth and lives up to what he preaches to show that if we want to use cultivation to personally experience truth. We should not dwell on anything not even on any idea of “not dwelling”. However, Buddha also affirms the virtue and merit of “Accepting and Upholding Diamond Sutra”. It has unimaginable power.

Master Shifu, like Buddha, shows the Buddhist Dharma in every aspect of his daily life. He exhibits his divine power in order to let his disciples gain confidence and wisdom in using Buddhist Dharma to help others. He let us see that divine power like Buddha Nature exists in everyone.

Asked, “Master Shifu talks of divine power. However Diamond Sutra says 《One should not contemplate the Tathagata by means of the 32 marks》, so does Tathagata appears with his 32 marks?”. Master Shifu replied, “Dwelling on the 32 marks is a form of dwelling. Dwelling on no 32 marks is also a form of dwelling.” Similarly, to advocate divine power is a form of dwelling; not to talk of divine power is also falling into the trap of dwelling.

We must understand that the great divine power is a convenient tool. It is a tool for helping other people. The Sixth Patriah, Hui Neng, while explaining Diamond Sutra says, “Prajna is wisdom. An intelligent person never doubts and the wise one has his convenience.” Master Min Hua also says, “Prajna is wisdom. It is the divine power. It is the decisive power. When we use divine power, we must use it to help other people to reach the other shore.” I hope all readers of the prediction stories will gain insights and while helping others can use the cases as references.

Hope that any friend in trouble after reading those true stories of prediction can gain positive inspirations from them and muster confidence and courage to face their challenges.

Here, I encourage you all to participate actively in the forum. Please tell us your views and feelings. I also would like to call on everyone to help others to their fullest and to explain for them the Diamond Sutra.

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Translated by: Ang ES 19/02/2008

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