Marvellous Prediction 3: Anwar Indeed Has No Chance To Contest In The General Election

Master Ming Hua wrote in his article《One Word To Predict World Event - Woman Wearing A Crown》 on 25/01/2008: “The word “An” (安Safe) is a big “Nu” (女Girl) under a treasure chest cover like a woman wearing a crown. Anwar is a dauntless man; you guess what his chance of contesting in the General Election is?”

I used the word “An” (安Safe) and correctly predicted the chance of this Ex-Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia of contesting is zero.

Dear web readers, on the side prediction, if we use the phrase 《Woman Wearing A Crown》 to predict, what do you think is the chance of Anwar’s wife winning the contest?

Master Ming Hua Closing Case 14/02/2008

Translated by: Ang ES 27/02/2008

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