Marvellous Prediction 5: The Black Key + Rats Bringing Treasure

On Jan 12 2008, at that time the Composite Index broke through 1500 points, in my prediction 《Investment Forecast for the First Month of Lunar New Year》, I used the word “Po” (破Break) and accurately forecasted: “From Feb 7th to Mar 7th…To the investors it is going to be a long dragging battle. What you will be chewing is not the skin of bread loaf but the skin of stone.”

February of this year has two “ominous” days. These two days would cause the unwary investors to loose money.

1st Ominous Day: 14th (14/02/2008)
2nd Ominous Day: 26th (26/02/2008)

Feb 14th has passed. Dear investors, you can now take stock: If you had bought in on the 14th, did you loose any money? If you had sold on that day how many profits did you make??

On Jan 31st, in my prediction 《Revealing the Secrets of Turning Losses into Profits》 I said the word “Dian” (点Points) is “Hei Zhan” (黑Black, 占Occupy). Shixiong Ang in his feedback said it well. The word “Zhan” (占Occupy) looks like a key. A black key is for opening the black box, to break the curse of keep loosing money.

The 2nd “ominous” day (26/02/2008) is just around the corner. I hope all you dear investors can turn losses into profits, change dangerous situations into harmless encounters. The rats of The Year of Rats are going to bring great fortunes to you!!!

Translated by ES Ang 22/02/2008

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