Marvellous Prediction 2: The Easiest Prediction Of Taiwan’s Democratic Progressive Party’s Terrible Defeat

On 15/01/2008 (The eve of Taiwan’s Legislative election), I promptly wrote 《President Chen Shui-Bian’s D-Day》. I used the characters “Chen” (陈) and “Bian” (扁)from his name to predict.

Right on the Bull’s Eye (1): The opposition party Kumintang won more than two-thirds majority seats in the Legislative Council.

Right on the Bull’s Eye (2): Democratic Progressive Party suffered terrible defeat.

On the same night, I referred to the “Classic Book on Date Picking” and deduced that “The date for Taiwan’s Legislative election is gruesome”.

Right on the Bull’s Eye (3): “It is difficult for the ruling party not to loose”.

When the election result was announced the next day, a few friends came to congratulate me for making such an accurate prediction on an international event. They were very curious how I used “Chen” (陈) once and “Bian” (扁) twice and yet come up with the same basic explanation and end up with the same result. Cham Shixiong then specially asked me, “Shifu, if I had used “Shui” (水) from “Chen Shui-Bian” (陈水扁) to request you to predict, will you have come up with the same result?”

I said: Sure. According to the Ying Yang Five Element Table, “Shui” (水Water) is associated with the color “Black”. For political matters in the East, the colors “Red” and “Yellow” are auspicious while the color “Black” is ominous.
Cham Shixiong asked again: If I simply and randomly use another word will Shifu still come up with the same answer?
I confirmed: Sure. It will still be the same answer.

Koh Shixiong then asked: Shifu said that for politics in the East, “Red” means auspicious. Now I choose the word “Hong” (红Red) for predicting the same matter.
I analysed for him: The left side of the character “Hong” (红Red) is “Si” (丝Silk) and the right side is “Gong” (工Craftsmanship/Work). “Si” (丝Silk) is a thread of silk and “Gong” (工Craftsmanship/work) represents “exquisite”, together it means “an exquisite thread of silk”. Koh Shixiong, for a party who wants to continue holding on to the power after 8 years in power, her chances now only hangs on a slender silk thread. What is the use no matter how exquisite the silk thread is!

Cham Shixiong said: Shifu, don’t tell me that you have preformed your answer in your mind. No matter what word I choose, good or bad, suspicious or ominous, your answer will still be the same!?
I replied: Yes. No matter what idea you have in your mind, I already have the answer ready for you in my mind. Even if you don’t say out your question, I also have the answer ready for you. Words are only a kind of signals or symbols that act as a medium for you to express your questions and a convenient tool for me to explain to you.

Master Min Hua 17/02/2008 2.35 am

Translated by: Ang ES (18/02/2008)

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