Marvellous Prediction 1: Prediction of The Death of Ex-President Suharto.

On 06/01/2008, Master Min Hua in his 《Predicting World Event on One Word: Ex-President of Indonesia in Critical Condition predicted: Everyone has only one mouth. But the word “Ha” (哈)in Suharto’s translated Chinese name has two “Kou” (口Mouth/Breath) because the word “Ha” is made up of a big “Kou” (口mouth/Breath) on the left side and “Ren, Yi, Kou” (人Man, 一One, 口Mouth) stacks one on top of the other, on the right side. Hence he will be able to pull through to-day………………But after the two “breathes”, it is afraid that he would not survive, cannot pull through!

Predicted Accurately (1): The left side of the word “Ha” is a big “Kou” (口Mouth/Breath). Suharto has a bigger “Breath” compared to common people. He actually pulled through his critical condition on 06/01/2008.

Predicted Accurately (2): After the hospital visits by many foreign leaders including Mr. Lee Kuan Yew and the subsequent announcement of his condition stabilizing, he finally died twenty one days later after he passed through his two “breathes” on Jan 27th.

Many friends praised me for the accurate predictions. But I just could not feel happy. I read in the newspaper with big characters they said 《The leaders from all over the world mourn Suharto》, “His eldest daughter said with sobs: Father has returned to Allah. We beg for your forgiveness for his wrong doings if he had done any. Hope that the people will pardon his sins. ”

Master Min Hua also sobbed: To the fifty thousand lives that were slaughtered, where do you all return to ??

Master Min Hua also sobbed: To the few tens of thousands of Chinese who were raped and their homes destroyed and the millions who were prisoned for ten years or more: would you forgive him for his wrong doing? Would you ever pardon his sins??

Master Min Hua Case Closing: 16/02/2008

Translated by: Ang ES 18/02/2008

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