Marvellous Forecast 4: All Predicted Correctly That General Election On Mar 8th

On Jan 9th, Master Ming Hua’s prediction said 《According to YiChing, it is reconfirmed the prediction that Damansara Chinese Primary School will reopen before Mar 8th》, the title clearly indicated the date Mar 8th.

On Jan 25th, Mee Hun Shixiong, in his E-mail correctly said, “Shifu said that it will be reopened on Mar 8th. Is the date Shifu predicted to be the date of the General Election?”

On Feb 6th (Lunar New Year Eve) : Mater Ming Hua wrote: 《Great Magic Power: Praying For The Reopening Of Damansara Chinese Primary School》, mentioned the date Mar 8th again.

On Feb 8th (2nd day of Lunar New Year) many Shixiongs and Shijies came to my house to greet me New Year. They eagerly asked me for the basis for picking the date Mar 8th. I pointed to the word “Chun” (春Spring) in the Spring Festival Couplets hanging on the wall and said, “All of you can be experts in prediction. Look at the word “Chun” (春Spring). How is it written?” Le Ha Shijie answered without even thinking for a moment, “Three, Eight, Date”. How smart!!

On Feb 9th, Ang Shixiong in his e-mail said, “It is fantastic! The head-line in the newspaper said General Election may fall on Mar 8th. I remember I read earlier someone asked Shifu why specially said Mar 8th, is it going to be the date for General Election? Now it is confirmed”

To-day (14/02/2008), the chairman of the election committee Tan Sri Abdul Rashid announced that the 12th General Election will be held on Mar 8th 2008, affirming the intuitive prediction power of the second level celestial eye of the many of you who practised the Arts of Thousand Hands Thousand Eyes.

Wishing all of you Happy New Year! May the coming General Election be Smooth Running!

Prediction By: Master Ming Hua, Johore 15/02/2008 12.40 a.m.

Translated by: Ang ES 15/02/2008

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